The World Beyond the Empire

As you stand on the land of the Empire, your best knowledge of things distant can be seen in the cerulean sky. In the hours of the day the brilliant orange sun crosses the sky. After it has moved on to other lands, the three Dancers of the Night appear, crossing the night sky in their mad ballet around the dark Heart of Night. The largest and, at times, the smallest of them, green Liycc dances a slow, stately pavane across the night. The tawny orb that is Nawm moves in a sprightly waltz. Tiny grey Thremm is the dervish of the night. Legend says that all three Dancers stood full and bright in one place in the sky on the night of the Rivening.

The Lands of Taus Gaia - Click to enlargeBut what of the lands the sun warms beyond the horizons? The learned and the wise will say that the homeland of the Empire is a large island called Etropa. It is part of a Greater World thought to be a disc beyond whose precipitous edge lies a miasm of mists and unknown depths.  To the east of Etropa, across the Kessid and the Ossean Sea, lies the island of Gedvina, said to be home to several Kingdoms of Elves and Humans. Tales have at times brought word from the across the great seas that another great island lies several hundred miles north of Etropa. It is said to bear the name Deunar. Other tales, as well as legend and rumor, tell of a vast arc of land at the edge of the world and places where the seas spill over the edge of the world into the miasm, whose depths are known to no living soul. 

The Siritean Empire is one of many lands on Etropa. The Cheuguai sai Elendi and the Worldwall raise their impassable barriers on the Empire's northern borders.  To the west of the Empire lie the Khazad Devenrim, the Dwarven Kingdoms. Khazad Selend is the nearest of these. The others are Khazad Razoukh, Khazad Thengwe, and Khazad Mothrond. North of the Khazad Devenrim lie the Desert Kingdoms; to the immediate west and south are Kevisertye and Kekkuriye

The Lands of Etropa - Click to enlargeFurther west of these Kingdoms, the narrow Mahdahn Sea reaches to the northwest and separates the Ellurin Peninsula from the Desert Kingdoms.  On the peninsula are several lands populated by Elves and Humans. At the peninsula's northern end lie the Worm Lands, a tortuous passage of sinuous and tangled islands. Southward from the Worm Lands lie Voh Lenssiye, the Skoul Primacy, Dol Glanduin, Dol Kirustaura, Teuatlan, and Danselaya. Beyond these lands, across the Vanar�ar Sea, are the Elven Isles, Dol Silmechior, Dol Kemenras, and Dol Esteuqua.

North of the Worm Lands are the Elven lands of Dol Kirinen, Dol Aurstras, and The Thraax. Beyond them are the Desert Kingdoms, Ehregahn, Aadahn, Vodahn, Mahdahn, Denahrahr, and Devinahn. Tales from this region tell of a small land called the Enclave of the Sla'ii, that is home to strange lizardmen. Their Enclave is near a vast canyonland, Raver's Gorge, that is home to the vicious, sub-human Ravers. To the north of these lies the Surellis Sea and the island of Delos.

East of the Desert Kingdoms lie the lands beyond the Worldwall. The dominant land here is said to be the Commonwealth of the Surroteen, but several other kingdoms and fiefdoms make up these lands. Some of them are known to be named Pakhrenar, Tekhonthis, Hokdayn, the Oquian Vendate, Nesquel, Torahal, and Arnriluas. The locations shown here for these lands are based upon the best information from distant travelers, but must be regarded as uncertain. Other lands certainly exist here.