Of the Lands of Quinvellatrya Siritea

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From the arc of mountains formed by the Worldwall, the Cheuguai, and the Western Ranges, the Empire extends to the south and east. From the east to the Rumenti Mountains, the wilderness of the North Marches is tamed by the kingdoms Storm Marches, Aubresan, Elenkhtal, Glyriain, and Nostoc. South of the North Marches, between Aubresan and Elenkhtal, lies Prorateus; between Glyriain and Nostoc lies Sonepri. In the angle of the Rumenti and Feryl Mts. lie Orivne, Suraus, and Aedtalan which follows the Feryls southward. South of Aedtalan lie kingdoms spotted by lesser mountain ranges- Gyspeake and Ailantegra border Kruchan on its east; south are the island Kingdom of Assir and the seacoast Kingdoms of Judanj, Lohocla, and Lynmarris which borders on Siritus, the Imperial Kingdom.

In Siritus is Tintajil, the Capital of the Empire and home of The Tintajjilat, Ugramux I, Quintajaiac Vellatrix, King of Kings, Emperor. From the Kinooruen Throne in the blue-lit Lapis Dome within the Imperial Palace, The Tintajjilat holds reign over the Forty Kingdoms of the Empire.  The Dome is 200 feet of rich, deep blue stone carved into filigrees and arches, etched in places to translucent thinness and fortified by the strongest spells of the builder-mages. Sonomancers weave their magics into ethereal musics as they circulate through the court   gathered around the massive bronze Kinooruen Throne, sculpted in the likeness of the dragon Bronze Kinooruen, who nurtured the first Tintajjilat.  The city of Tintajil is no less a spectacle, nearly mythic in richness, an orgy of opulence, perhaps a facade of harmony. Such appears the world when heard of from traders, merchants, diplomats and minstrels.

North of Lynmarris, Siritus is bordered by the Kingdoms of Mynasse, Illinesse, Suveyant, Ardollius, Sevarsay, Kirdan, and the coastal Kingdoms of Dinobryon and Donjannes. From Dinobryon and following the coast further lie Lepomis and Balleron. Off Balleron's coast lie the island Kingdoms Outer Balleron and Kotsyer.  Continuing along the coast beyond Balleron are Winchekanta, Undrel, Menyanth, Cymbella, Leesul, and Nodhoscor, which brings us back to Storm Marches. Four Kingdoms remain: Launam, Vaskell, Drellesul, and Miendanc. Tiny Launam lies in the angle between Ardolluis and Suveyant and is bordered by Vaskell to its north. North of Vaskell lies Drellesul, bordered west and north by Aedtalan and Nostoc. Then to the east lies Miendanc, with Undrel at its south, Leesul and Nothoscor at its east, and Aubresan and Prorateus to its north.